Acrology Team

Climbing in Sardinia

  CLIMBING IN ULASSAI A very cool video about the climbing in Sardinia with Acrology and friends in differents areas close to Ulassai, a mythical village on the top of the Ogliastra mountains, where the people from Nannai Climbing Home promote sustainable climbing in this rock paradise, where the climbers get integrated in the ancient

Acroyoga & Communication

David Sanjuan, has been collaborating in the “Empathy in Movement” Retreat in the South of France, together with Katharina bauer and Teresa Fornari, both Acroyoga Montreal teachers and researchers on non-violent communication issues. The retreat was a meeting to explore the fusion between acroyoga and communication, where a space for reflection was generated to observe


Have you hear about Move Copenhagen Festival??? It’s a 4 days community driven festival celebrating the diversity of movement. More than 100 workshops with amazing teachers from all over the world, performances, live bands and much more…. Movement-Acroyoga-Slackline-Yoga-Parkour-Dance-Explore-Restore-Capoeira- Music-Fun-Connecting I ll be there sharing a couple of workshops with the amazing poliartist and my very

Acrolandia Tour Lanzarote

Acroyogi acrobatic traveling meeting in its only stop in Spain: Lanzarote, the island of the Volcanoes. June 29 and 30, 2019 ~ * Partner Acrobatics * Handstand * Icarian Games * Standing Acro * Same Size Trios * Acro Dance * and much more! Facilitate: Ro Alvarelos, Coni Guevara, Rakel Mesa, Cécile Pageau. And with

AcroYoga Spring Festival (France)

ACROYOGA SPRING FEST A big thank you to everyone involved in this wonderful event, we had such a great time! The organisation was awesome, the venue was perfect (amazing indoor training spaces, and beautiful outdoor spaces with a beach!), the food was delicious, the teachers were varied and super caring, and the participants each brought

Dutch Acrobatics Convention

The Dutch Acrobatics Convention is a four-day convention that takes place in different cities, this year in Amersfoort from May 18 to 21, 2018. At the Acrobatics Convention, approximately 800 beginner and advanced acrobats from all over the world will gather. world. They are of all ages and come from all types of backgrounds; families

Acroyoga Sur Festival

AcroYoga Sur Festival is the first AcroYoga festival in Spain, located in Andalusia. It is an annual event in the South of Spain where the opportunity is offered to Yoga and AcroYoga practitioners to meet, meet and practice with certified teachers. The vision of AcroYoga Sur Festival is to celebrate life, encourage the community and