Acrotantra Festival Spain

May 28th to June 2nd 2024

Join us in Spain at Cortijo Caseria del Mercado, Granada for a 6-day of exploration, fun and personal transformation.
The beautiful mountains of Alpujarras, nearby Granada, offer the perfect backdrop to have a deeper connection with yourself and others.
Get ready to take some epic workshops led by world renowned acroyoga teachers and immerse yourself in sacred tantra teachings guided by experienced practitioners, exploring intimacy, self-awareness, and blissful connection.
Acrotantra is a modality that marries the wisdom of Tantric pleasure and consent teachings with the creative play and sensory activation of Acroyoga. Our definition of tantra roots itself in intimacy, full presence, authentic relating and safety in the body. Acro gives us a literal playground to embody these tools.


Acro+Tantra brings two worlds that are very similar and complementary together. Both tantra and Acro use practices such as physical touch, communication, creative play, sensory activation, exploration of human connection and the senses.
In essence, these communities work with themes of trust and vulnerability as a way to build intimacy and authentic connection to others. When we are vulnerable, we are authentic and therefore able to create deeper connections in a shorter amount of time.
Through the ancient spiritual wisdom of Tantra, we learn to express our boundaries, fears and desires. This in turn, expands our capacity to experience pleasure. When combined with the practice of acroyoga, we have the opportunity to apply this knowledge in a joyful co-creation of presence and surrender— we learn through fun!


Nathe Northey & Jules

Carú Gonzalez (Acrology) y Renata Roqueñi (moveacromexico)

Jess Cam (Acrotantra)

Ada (Acrotantra)

Mar González


-Outdoor space with 200 m² puzzle mats
-Indoor space with a 150 m² puzzle mats
-Yoga Shala
-Swimming Pool
-Shared dorms
-Camping space
-Inside and outside bathrooms and showers


“Cortijo Casería del Mercado” is located 1,250 meters high in the mountains bordering the National Park of Sierra Nevada. Nestled between the small villages of Almegíjar and Cástaras, around an hour drive from the beautiful city of Granada. The farm is surrounded by a wide variety of flora and fauna, and boasts perfect installations for our convention.
The local area is fantastic hiking country with spectacular mountain views and isolated “white villages”.

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