AcroYoga Multilevel Classes

A fun way to do healthy exercise, through the fusion of acrobatics, yoga and Thai massage.
Group sessions with creative games, yoga, specific acro exercises, acroyoga poses, washing machine, pops, wips, counter balance, Standing acro, Icarians, progression to inversions and handstands, therapeutic acroyoga, stretching and lots of fun, surrounded by friends.


Right now we are not in Granada so we are not teaching regular classes. There is another friend offering regular classes. Please for any info about classes in Granada
Contact him.

If you would like to learn/train with us check other events in this website. / +34 635284413 Sergio

18:00 – 20:00AcroYoga Class
20:30- 22:30AcroYoga Class


We teach Acroyoga regular classes in Granada and organize events, workshops, trips, retreats and festivals around the world in places like Spain, Canary Islands, Europe, Morocco or Brazil, in English, French and Spanish. We address people of all ages and backgrounds, from children to the elderly and groups of any social, economic or ethnic condition.

Pragmatik StudioAcroYoga Classes