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Acroyoga Retreats in México

We consider our retreats as an opportunity for personal growth where you can connect and make new friendships with people from all over the world. In our events we create an ideal environment to face and overcome your fears and limitations and to have fun in a friendly family atmosphere where you will feel at home.

We would like this trip to be a unique and wonderful experience. We want to have a group of people who like to learn, share, travel, and enjoy life in community. We would like proactive, positive, open-minded and flexible people to join the trip. The dynamics of the trip and the activities require a minimum physical condition to carry out the activities, if you have any doubts about it, let us know and we will try to help you. In our trips and retreats we always try to work with local people and communities, always avoiding multinationals and big companies to favor the local and family economy. We also like to share with local communities and people so that our presence in the place is respectful and favors the people of the place we visit. In addition we always try to be respectful with nature, so we ask you to help us reduce the ecological impact as much as possible. The places we will visit are protected and have a high ecological value.


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