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Acroyoga & Adventure Retreat Sardinia

Travelling and being in a retreat means a lot to us. We love to connect and interact in different ways with the local people and communities. We travel to grow, to learn, to live experiences you can’t have at home, to enjoy nature in all its diversity, whether it’s mountains, rivers, beaches, jungles, deserts, volcanoes… those places where you can breathe and feel the power and purity of the elements. We’re also fanatical about movement in all its forms, so we love to mix the magic of nature with moving our bodies from different perspectives and practices. It really doesn’t matter how you like to move, the important thing is how much you enjoy playing with your body in any form. Lastly, we are very passionate about human relationships and sharing experiences. We deeply believe that one of the most important values of life is to enjoy wonderful moments from heart to heart with old and new friends from diverse backgrounds that share this whole concept of meaningful travelling. Now it seems like a time to keep growing, moving and sharing experiences without travelling very far away. Life is full of changes, different moments, feelings and emotions that come and go, nothing is permanent. The art of life is to embrace whatever comes, avoid fighting against the flow of life and use every opportunity to learn and evolve. There is always a way to make good things happen. We are very grateful to all those who have shared time and experiences with us, as well as accomplished dreams together with us too. Thanks to Linda for sharing a bit of what we have lived together.

Sardinia Retreat with Acrology


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