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David Sanjuan, has been collaborating in the “Empathy in Movement” Retreat in the South of France, together with Katharina bauer and Teresa Fornari, both Acroyoga Montreal teachers and researchers on non-violent communication issues.

The retreat was a meeting to explore the fusion between acroyoga and communication, where a space for reflection was generated to observe how we feel and what we need, as a first step to be aware of our communication with the world around us . It was a week full of activities, workshops, talks, discussion circles, dynamics, mountain walks, hot springs, games, music, yoga, acro, meditation … A very complete experience in a privileged place in the mountains of the Pyrenees French.

The last days of the retreat, four Acroyoga workshops were held working on the aspects learned about communication combining them with fun Flows or Sequences of Acroyoga, mixing Montreal & Partner Acrobatics styles.

Acroyoga is a very useful tool to explore communication since it puts you in controlled risk situations generating spontaneous communication in people, showing how you communicate with the world. Acroyoga is a practice where group communication and how they interact with each other has a fundamental role in the enjoyment and learning of it. Empathic communication generates a much healthier and more conscious relationship between people, and the fusion of communication techniques with acroyoga has incredible potential to develop these aspects.

Thanks to Katharina Bauer and Teresa Fornari for organizing this beautiful meeting

More Info: @Empathy in Movement

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