AcroYoga News Acroventure Retreat Croatia 2019

In September 2019, David Wt from the Acrology team had the pleasure be part of the wonderfully varied teaching team at the Acroventure Retreat, which took place in a beautiful villa in Pula, Croatia. There was a wide range of activities, including contact impro, yoga, sound healing, and ofcourse, acroyoga and partner acrobatics. David had the chance to co-teach with one of his greatest acro idols, the one-and-only Millette Nuñez (Mimi), an “Acroyoga international” ( and “Partner Acrobatics” ( teacher and trainer (and wonderful person also). The event counted around 40 participants from around europe; a group of super caring and fun acro-monkeys!!

David will be back again to teach at the same event next year, check it out!

Acrology Acroventure Retreat Croatia 2019

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