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Preconvention to the dutch acrobatics festival

Carú was on behalf of acrology in the preconvention 2019. It is one of his favorite acro festivals, for him it has become a tradition. It is celebrated in a very special place, an alternative campsite in Beuningen on the outskirts of Nijmegem. It´s a meeting of more than 100 acrobats from around the world who train for a week as a family to prepare for the biggest event of the year in Europe, the Dutch Acrobatic Convention.

In this meeting you can meet acrobats of high level of any country. It has two circus tents, several safey lines, very high level classes, excellent food and family atmosphere. It is also a tradition to go to the sauna after spending all day training, sitting around the bonfire, going to the music jam on Tuesdays or having a beer in the bar with very special people who live in this place.

It is a 100% recommended event organized by Niko Douwes and Monika Kolb. To know more about everything related to preconvention you can look:

The web:

The Facebook:

or the instagram account: @dutch_preconvention


Acrology TeamPreconvention to the dutch acrobatics festival

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