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Dutch Acrobatics Convention

The Dutch Acrobatics Convention is a four-day convention that takes place in different cities, this year in Amersfoort from May 18 to 21, 2018. At the Acrobatics Convention, approximately 800 beginner and advanced acrobats from all over the world will gather. world. They are of all ages and come from all types of backgrounds; families with children, youth and adults, professional acrobats, artists, fans and everything else. In the festival, there are a lot of acrobatics workshops that are stimulating, challenging and very interesting. But there is also room for other circus disciplines! An incredible meeting with acrobats from around the world, with 20 simultaneous workshops of all disciplines of acrobatics as a couple.

On this occasion and just like the previous year, the Acrology team shared some multi-level acroyoga workshops, offering intermediate level possibilities and more advanced options for the more daring. Learning and enjoying the incredible atmosphere that is generated in this type of events.

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