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Acroyoga & Circus Festival

Acroyoga and circus festival was born from the idea of ​​creating culture, expanding art and developing awareness through the body, movement and a healthy lifestyle. This event is created so that you can practice and learn from the best professionals of Acroyoga, Acrobatics, Acrobatic Dance, Circus Arts, Juggling, Clown, Slackline, Contorsionism, Dance, Yoga and Music.

In a vibrant place this adventure is born, where respect for each other and towards Mother Nature will be our responsibility and the heart of the encounter. This place will be the wonderful Los Baños farmhouse (al-hamam) located in the beautiful town of Lucainena de las Torres (Almería). An oasis of light, between the desert of Tabernas and the beaches of Cabo de Gata.

LIVE TODAY AND SMILE WITH THE HEART! Our slogan “live today and smile with your heart” defines very well that we are people who want to enjoy life to the fullest, celebrating the now and appreciating every step we take. Therefore during the festival you can learn and share in the workshops, enjoy and interact in the performances, reconnect with nature, listen to Balkan music, eat vegetarian diet and products grown in the farmhouse itself.

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