Acrology Spring Retreat

March 28th – April 2nd

Come with us to one of our favorite places in the world this spring !!

Spend 6 days in the Alpujarra, the wild south face of the Sierra Nevada, doing Acroyoga and partner acrobatics, hiking, prehab, therapeutic exercise, Thai massage, lunar acroyoga and learning about organic farming.

 An enriching authentic experience, which will allow you to connect with yourself and others, motivated to live a full life in intimate contact with nature, alongside people from different places and backgrounds, but on the same path. It is a unique opportunity for personal growth in which you will develop different aspects of your personality through challenging and fun activities.


AcroYoga is the fusion of the wisdom and practice of Yoga, Acrobatics and Thai Massage in a very fun, pleasant and creative way. It is a way of seeing life that makes you feel amazing!

AcroYoga has great therapeutic power and the benefits derived from its practice are many, and can be felt from the first day it is practiced. We focus strongly on positive communication, companionship, respect and support, loss of fear and anxiety, control of the body and mind, among many others. But most importantly, it’s a great way to have fun and make strong connections that often become friends for life.

We have extensive experience facilitating classes, workshops and retreats for people of all levels and multi-level groups. In our retreats we sometimes teach the whole group together, whereas other times we split the group in different level classes so that everyone has a balanced experience between learning, achievements and challenges. 

We love flows and washing machines, counter-balances, whips, pops, icarians, hand to hand and we practice and teach both L-basing and Standing Acro.


We consider that hiking is an excellent practice to discover, feel, and enjoy beautiful landscapes. We love to walk through deserts, mountains, ravines, valleys … for us, hiking is an active meditation that helps us cleanse the body, mind and spirit. We will do some hiking trails to explore the area and appreciate the beauty of this unique place in the world, so full of history and traditions. The explosion of spring will allow us to enjoy a colorful landscape of flowers, collect medicinal and aromatic plants, bathe in the river and enjoy the landscapes of Sierra Nevada. 

Yoga and therapeutic exercise

Waking up every morning, doing yoga and therapeutic exercise guided by a physiotherapist and a yoga teacher, to revitalize and face a day full of activities. Mobilizing the body, doing stretching, exercises in pairs, breathing exercises, massages, and specific acroyoga exercises.

El Cortijo Casería del Mercado 

A magnificent retreat in the heart of the Alpujarras

The Cortijo Casería del Mercado is an organic farm located in the Alpujarra of Granada, the south face of the SIerra Nevada mountain range. It offers accommodation in the heart of the Alpujarra mountains, respecting nature, ecology and tradition.

It’s not just an active farm, with 300 hectares of land, but it has been adapted as a retreat center with traditional accommodation in the Alpujarra style, it has a mineral water pool and three large spaces for workshops with impressive views. In addition to the 3 practice spaces (two indoor and one outdoor) there is an obstacle course, monkey bars, massage table, all accessories for the practice of yoga and therapeutic exercise. 

The Cortijo is located at 1,250 meters above sea level, in the mountains that border the Sierra Nevada Natural Park. Located between the small towns of Almegíjar and Cástaras. The closest city is Órgiva and Granada is 100 kilometers away.The farm is surrounded by a wide variety of flora and fauna. The area has fantastic hiking trails with spectacular views of the mountains and ‘white villages’.

How to get there

The closest airport is Granada, just over an hour away. Malaga is about 4 hours by bus and less than 3 hours by car.

From Granada you can catch a bus to Orgiva. We can also organize a taxi to pick you up from Orgiva.

Send us an email if you want more information about how to get there and the bus schedules.

Facilitators Team

Carú González 

Carú is a pedagogue, chiropractor, acroyoga teacher certified by Partner Acrobatics, certified Hatha Yoga RYT 200 teacher, climber, lover of sports, nature and all beings. He has done several trainings, courses and workshops related to Acroyoga, Yoga, Capoeira, massages and body work. Since 2014 she has been organizing and participating and facilitating classes, workshops, retreats and events related to acroyoga, movement, nature and body work in many parts of the world. He is one of the organizers of the Harakati Movement Festival ( and the Rhythm and moves festival (rhythmandmovesfestival).

David Worrow

David’s devotion for didactics, alongside his love for partner acrobatics and acroyoga, makes him a passionate teacher who loves to create, deconstruct and transmit many styles of acro and movement. He has a special place in his heart for complex flows, whip-pops, handstands, basing icarian, and flying hand to hand. He also cherishes a deep connection to nature, as well as a love for adventure activities like climbing, hiking and biking. David co-founded the Acrology Team in 2016, with whom he organises acroyoga and adventure retreats around the world (namely Morocco, Sardinia, Spain, Brazil, and more…). Additionally, David collaborates as a teacher trainer for the school 

Emily baxter 

Emily is dedicated to sharing and teaching whatever she can to inspire freedom in people. A bit of a jack of all trades, she teaches and practices several styles of Yoga asana, including Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa as well as AcroYoga and Slackline Yoga. After discovering AcroYoga Emily pursued Acrobatics and loves the challenges and fears that the practice brings up then breaks through. She teaches anatomy, methodology and adjustments on Astanga Vinyasa Teacher Trainings with Tribe Yoga. She is also trained as a Postural Therapist. Emily has always had a passion for movement and body awareness. This coupled with her strong background in anatomy manifests in her teachings as clear, precise, thoughtful instruction. She continues to study, travel, teach, play and laugh wherever she may find herself.


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