David Worrow

David’s devotion for didactics, alongside his love for partner acrobatics and acroyoga, makes him a passionate teacher who loves to create, deconstruct and transmit many styles of acro and movement. He has a special place in his heart for complex flows, whip-pops, handstands, basing icarian, and flying hand to hand. He also cherishes a deep connection to nature, as well as a love for adventure activities like climbing, hiking and biking. David co-founded the Acrology Team in 2016, with whom he organises acroyoga and adventure retreats around the world (namely Morocco, Sardinia, Spain, Brazil, and more…). Additionally, David collaborates as a teacher trainer for the school www.partner-acrobatics.com 

“Acro is not just a way to have a lot of fun, persevere, keep fit, and connect with others. It is also an incredible tool of self discovery, discovery of others, team building, and personal growth. Through Acro I have been able to learn so much about the importance of authenticity, letting ourselves be seen, and accepting our own and other’s vulnerability… which is the essence of human connection.”

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