David Worrow

“Acro is not just a way to have a lot of fun, persevere, keep fit, and connect with others. It is also an incredible tool of self discovery, discovery of others, team building, and personal growth. Through Acro I have been able to learn so much about the importance of sincerity, letting ourselves be seen, and accepting our own and other’s vulnerability… which is the essence of human connection.”

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Cambridge English certified teacher and AcroYoga teacher in Partner Acrobatics. The knowledge and experience he has acquired in the different disciplines he practices (visual arts, movement arts, massage therapies, languages ​​…) are related in strange ways and feed each other. David, found the common thread of all this: education; transmitting what you know to others, what unites them all. Its objective is to merge the rigorous and efcient teaching methods of the “Cambridge” language with the fun and communicative teaching techniques of Acro, and to add the creative advantage of its artistic education. Of all these, Acro has been, by far, the one that has taught him the most about him and the others. For him it is a great pleasure to teach this incredible and fun discipline, and to continue learning so much from his classmates and students, regardless of their age, experience or abilities. “

Pragmatik StudioDavid Worrow