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Sicily Acrobatic Yoga Convention

From the 22nd to the 28th of July 2019, David Wt from the Acrology team shared many workshops at the Sicily Acrobatic Convention of different styles, ranging from icarian, hand to hand, standing acro, and acroyoga, co-teaching with Lily Colleen, Niko Douwes, Millette Nuñez (Mimi), and Emily Baxter. This convention, organised by Luigi and Francesca (acrobatic yoga sicily) takes place every year in the small village of Oliveri, Sicily, a few steps from the beautiful beach. This year the convention counted a total of around 200 participants from around the world, and boasted almost 40 teachers from around europe, including (appart from the ones stated above): Bart Venne, Scott Jumps & Michaela Files, Daniel Marty, Luigi & Francesca, and many more.

“This convention was absolutely amazing! I had so much fun! The location is stunning, the teaching team was outstanding, and the vibes could not be better. All in all a 5 star event, don’t miss it next year!” David Wt

(photo by @WabiSabi)

Acrology TeamSicily Acrobatic Yoga Convention

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