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Lanzarote Winter Retreat 2019 with Acrology

Surf – Acroyoga – Hiking – Yoga

A little resume of our last Lanzarote Winter Retreat on February!! We have no words to express how wonderful was this week. We feel very lucky about the 16 amazing souls who came to share this experience full of charm, authenticity, fun, movement,exploring, music, good vibes and much more….

In only seven days we manage to do a lots of acro, yoga, go surfing twice, have a barbaque with a gret party, go to a concert, enjoy amazing and supper yummy local food, relax in the hammock or take a sun bath.. We have been living and sharing together in harmony like a big family, sharing from the heart, respecting each other, ejoying the peace and calmness of Lanzarote….. going running, watching sunrise, singing, playing drums and celebrate life!!!

It was a holistic and unforgetable experience!!

Thanks to everyone who came to participate, share skills, help, play music, cook, visit and support us with your presence.

We hope to meet you all some in Lanzarote or somewhere else!!
One Love

Carú, David Sajuan , David Worrow.

Acrology TeamLanzarote Winter Retreat 2019 with Acrology

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